Adding the right amount of Disc Jockey extras to a school dance makes it memorable!

This past weekend we experienced at our local High schools that they were looking to kick off the new school year with a little bit of something “extra” to give the students….. something to remember! So our Disc Jockey company not only did we give them our top notch Disc Jockey service, but we added some extra lighting gear and a double screen video set up with music videos and the place went NUTS! Everybody loved the atmosphere we created and it was a HUGE hit!  The next night we took it to another level of Disc Jockey entertainment, we added confetti blowers and now the whole room was covered with confetti as each highlighted song played.

Our Disc Jockey service has embraced the idea that you can’t just add a DJ for hire and or a low budget/IPOD DJ to play at a High school dance. You have to show the administration that with the right DJ company, with the right experience you can create that special something for your school that is on a budget! We offer so many different extra Disc Jockey services and extra entertainment additions that makes us stand out from the rest and continues our 20 years of success as an on going evolution of Disc Jockey Services.

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