Afraid Your School Dance Will Be a Flop? 3 Must Haves to Ensure Success.

Over the years we have seen many attempts to make a school dance popular. For instance, We have been through the rough beginning times and taking on a school where there is less than a 100 students at a dance or where there are students but they do not know how to raise it to another level. Whether it be a welcome back dance, or  Sadies dance or even Homecoming and Proms (which usually are givens right)!! But with each dance, you see students question themselves or even dare put it out their that “this will be a low attended dance”. WHAT? WHY? You should never go into something as big as a social gathering like a school dance and already stamp a “negative” on it before you try to put your own time stamp on it like…..”It was a great dance and a lot of students showed up!” Going into preparing for a dance you need to place it on the right time of the school year far from a dance that was previously done and not close enough to the next “BIG” dance so this does not cross into sharing profits. Profits….Yes this is what you want to see on EVERY dance you throw! So with that said, let’s make this simple, by the 3 things you must have to ensure a great dance, and they are;

1). A Creative Theme – A theme that will generate fun, excitement and most of all Participation! Be creative in your decor, lighting, props or even video displays. All of this will lend the overall feel of the dance the moment they step into your entrance of the building the night of the dance. If the students can dress up in any way, make this happen.  The more they can get involved and pass the word around campus for you the better. You need To create a “buzz” for your dance as this is the ultimate way especially with the technology of today that can blast out any comment in seconds to hundreds of friends! Which leads me into my next item you will need….

2). Marketing Your Dance – In order for you to be successful and profitable, you must spread the word in as many ways as you can! Do not think just in small terms ( like posters or banners around campus ), move into “out of the box” thinking. Do Facebook postings, instagram your preparation for the dance, tweet some comments! Why not Create a fun broadcast with video and have this played when announcements are made and do this starting at least 2 weeks prior to your dance date to give time for it to “sink in”.  As you know, students are last minute thinkers so at least plant the seed early so they have time to plan their weekend for your dance! Make early discount sales happen too. This way students feel like they are getting a chance to get tickets cheaper rather than get stuck with a higher amount and can say “I don’t have enough to go!” I say “If you can go to the movies and pay that price, you can easily slide in a great dance instead of the movie for that week!

3). A Great DJ Company  – Yes this is where FULL TIME companies like mine come in and create the scene, make it come to life and bring you much success in creating the dance you always wanted it to be! With my company offering so many extra services we can save you in the end a lot of money and not too mention a lot of time that you would have had to take out of your day to decorate. Why not try extra lighting, lasers, props, confetti, fog or Haze machines or background video displays to make you “feel” like you are swimming in the theme from top to bottom!

We’ll see you on the dance floor!  April 2, 2014

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