Afraid Your School Dance Will Be a Flop? 3 Must Haves to Ensure Success.

Over the years we have seen many attempts to make a school dance popular. For instance, We have been through the rough beginning times and taking on a school where there is less than a 100 students at a dance or where there are students but they do not know how to raise it to […]

Adding the right amount of Disc Jockey extras to a school dance makes it memorable!

This past weekend we experienced at our local High schools that they were looking to kick off the new school year with a little bit of something “extra” to give the students….. something to remember! So our Disc Jockey company not only did we give them our top notch Disc Jockey service, but we added […]

Is Your DJ Service Certified and Insured? 3 Reasons to insist YES!

It seems that today‚Äôs DJs have one common goal. Money! However, I have many other goals on top of making money. Getting paid is only part of being a DJ. You have to satisfy the client, be prepared, and present yourself in a professional manner. In order to do all of these things, a DJ […]