Photo Booth

At Muzz Productions Our line of professional digital photobooths are the latest craze at any gathering. Walk away with a cool instant favor, customized to your event. Always giving you “Top Of The Line” Professional equipment and service!

Here’s how it works… our full-time friendly attendant invites guests into the booth, suggests that they wear some of our fun props, let’s them know that the booth will walk them through their photo session, asks them if they would like color or b&w photos…asks them to also leave a fun video greeting, and once the session is over, we hand them their TWO identical photostrips. Our booths can even Facebook their photos instantly! They keep They keep them as their favor, can come back as often as they would like, and if it’s a wedding, we invite them to glue one of the strips into the guestbook, and sign around it, making the guestbook the funnest ever!

As the evening concludes, we burn the host a DVD or thumb drive of all digital photos and videos taken, so they may have a memory of every memorable picture!

How big is the booth?
The booth takes up about 5’x 6′, but needs room around it for props and guests.

Can guests see themselves inside?
Oh yes, there is a big ‘touch’ screen in the booth, and guests crack up as soon as they see how silly they look!

Can guests go back more than once?
They can go as many times as they would like, there is no limit.

What graphic can we have on our strips?

We can create most anything you want, from monograms to logo placement to photos to names and dates. It’s your choice….

Do I pay for setup/breakdown?

no extras or surprises. If you select our 4-hour package, you get 4 hours of photos!

Where can I get an affordable guestbook to fit those strips?
You can try Michael’s, Borders, but my fav is

What about Facebook?
Our booth can actually upload guests’ strips right to their Facebook wall while they are in the booth ($50 Upgrade)

How many can fit inside a booth?

We have our PhotoKing booth which seats 3, and our PhotoGroup can stand about 6 inside. There is no price difference!

How did you get into photobooths?
I’ve been a Pro Mobile DJ for many years, and got so excited when I saw my first booth at a wedding, that I knew I wanted to add this to my suite of services.

What do I do to reserve your booth?
Just send us an email or call us, and we’ll email you an agreement which asks for a deposit.

All Packages Include:

Our packages include a friendly, full-time attendant, fun-wearable props, unlimited photos, free graphics, DVD of all images and video greetings, 2-photostrips per session…and a great time had by everyone!

3 Hours Of Booth Service     $800.00

4 Hours Of Booth Service     $950.00

Upgrade Options

Instant Facebooking – $75.00  Your guests can instantly upload their strips right to their Facebook Wall!!

Instant Reprints – $125.00  Guests can instantly reprint photostrips or their favorite pose into a 4 x 6 photo!

Leather-Bound Scrapbook with Pens and Gluesticks – $100.00

Muzz Productions Photo Booths