There are several factors to consider when desiring to rent a stage. This includes the type of staging product the rental company uses, the safety practices of the company, their portfolio of completed special projects, if the company specializes in staging, and last but not least is price. The staging business is like any business, you get what you pay for and companies will charge what they think their product is worth. 8 out of 10 potential Muzz Productions clients who decided to go with the cheaper option, have come back and said, “you were right, we should rented your quality product and service, and we will do so next time.”

Muzz Productions staging rental department solely uses Accurate Staging Manufacture staging products and crowd barricades. Accurate decks are one of the top and most used staging decks in the concert and touring industry. You might have seen them used on acts like Ke$ha, Maroon 5, Kid Rock, Chris Brown and T-Pain to name a few. They are also used for the Coachella Valley Music Festival, and hit TV Shows such as Master Chef, The Latin Grammy Awards, The Biggest Loser and America’s Best Dance Crew. To view options for deck specs in our staging inventory.

The reason why our staging inventory is housed only with Accurate decks is because this product gives us the ability to set up and take down stages faster and more efficiently than ever before. These decks are engineered for the rigors of fast, easy mobile set up and tear down, thus proving why they are so high in demand for nationwide concert tours and TV shows. Even if it’s a small stage for a wedding or a large stage for a dance competition, the integrity of that stage is as solid and sturdy as cement once built. It won’t give or budge in any way, even if we build it on the slope of a hill or over a pool.

When you combine our utilized staging product, with our service, innovative expertise, and creative talents, we are able to execute staging projects that others cannot do or will not even attempt. We specialize in custom staging projects from clear, transparent stages over bodies of water, to small stages for a backyard party or stages on the slope of a mountain, all the way to stages hanging off the side of sky scrapers. We are the most prestigious and paramount in the business! Let us show you how!

– Pool Covers, Pool Dance floors, & Pool Stages
– Clear Plexi Pool Covers, Plexi Pool Dance Floors, & Plexi Pool Stages
– Circle Stages
– Clear Stages
– Standard & Odd Size Stage Decks (Black, White, Grated, Plexi, Custom Color Avail)
– Gloss Colored Stage Deck Surfaces (Gloss red, blue, white, gold, black, grey)
– Stages at Any Height & Any Size
– Stages on Slopes
– Fashion Show Runways
– Choir Riser Platforms
– Auditorium and Seated Bleacher Platforms
– Ramp and Vehicle Stages
– Mezzanine and Truss Structures
– TV Media Stages
– Concert/Festival Loading Dock and PA Wings
– Rolling and Drum Risers
– Spot Towers
– Camera Platforms
– Sound Wings
– Bridge and Island Stages
– Dance Floor Stages
– Crowd Crash Barricade
– ADA Ramps and Stages
– Concrete Ballast Blocks
– Truss Banner Support
– Truss Arches and Towers
– Circle Truss
– Line Array, Delay and Video Towers
– Turntable Stages
– Ribbon Lifts
– Hydraulic Lifts
– Conveyor Belt Stage
– Stage Covers
– Custom, Special Projects and Stage Sets